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Wow, it is almost Christmas time. I am so lacking in the updates here, but that has been because I’ve been busy. So, I decided to do a new theme since I haven’t made a new one in months. It was time for a change. The new theme is based on the movie called “Brokeback Mountain”. I can’t wait to see the movie. It looks amazingly beautiful. I finished the short story earlier today and it was a really good. So…that being said, I am looking forward to the movie.(Who knows when I will see it…it is in limited release right now…BUT I know I will love it.)
Anyways, I did manage to update the roleplay characters section with a couple new canons I play as well as two new Highlander characters I play now.

Thanks to those who visit the site. And thanks for the patience with the lack of updates. 🙂

Thursday, September 10th, 2005

Sorry for the lack of updates (Once again :P). Just have been busy with life. I have added new fanlisting I’ve joined…

Actors/Actresses/and/or Singers….
Ben McKenzie and Alexz Johnson fan

Degrassi: The Next Generation based…
Craig Manning


“Maybe I’m Amazed” by Jem, “Let Me Fall” by Alexz Johnson, and “24 Hours” by Alexz Johnson,

Thursday, June 30, 2005

I now run another fanlisting. Check out my fanlisting for the character of Hannibal King from “Blade: Trinity”. Smart @ss: The Hannibal King fanlisting.

Joined a few more fanlistings…
Degrassi: The Next Generation characters…Paige Michalchuck and Gavin “Spinner” Mason
The actor…Ryan Reynolds

Added one new wallpaper based on Degrassi: The Next Generation

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Yay! New theme for the website. I figured out finally what I wanted to do for a new theme and I went with “Star Wars”. I used to be a big fan back in high school and with the release of “Revenge of the Sith” I figured I’d make the new theme that of Star Wars.

I have been added as cowebmistress at Degrassi Net . Yay!
Updated my roleplay characters section with now a list of the characters I play in The Creek RPG.

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