Sorry for the lack of updates. It is December and things have been busy…plus was sick for a few days. But I finally found sometime to update. So enjoy 🙂

Okay, first off I have added new roleplay characters from Players 6 on Fan Forum message board RPG I rejoined. I have way too many to list them here, so check out the roleplay characters section if you are interested in seeing what their names are…I think I’m obsessed with Lost. If you look closely, a lot of the characters are named after characters from the show *lol* Obsession is nothing new for Lost fans I have said in the past…I prove it apparently hehe 😛

I have made two more wallpapers…one for Seann William Scott and the other for Lost…..

Updated links for suggest links as well as sites I run.

I have added one more hostee to the family…the Players 6 RPG official website
As well as one new affiliate…

Also I have joined the fanlisting for Lost

One last thing, if I don’t get around to updating this site on Christmas or New Years…happy X-mas and have a nice New Year’s Day 🙂

Another birthday has came and went for me. My 26th birthday was on Tuesday. Darn I am getting old 😛

Anyways, I have started a new fanlisting for the character Duncan MacLeod and Methos from the tv show “Highlander…check out “You are such a pain in the arse”: Duncan and Methos fanlisting.

Added even more fanlistings, more “Lost” ones for characters….